Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

South Plains Leatherfest was created in 2000 by Mark Frazier. Master Jim and slave marsha coordinated the Master/slave workshops track for Mark in 2000 and then joined him as co-producers and owners after SPLF 2002. Sir Cougar later joined the team and Mark left after he acquired ownership of International LeatherSir/Leatherboy in 2008. South Plains Leatherfest hosts the International Master slave Contest annually. In March 2020, Master Jim, slave marsha and Sir Cougar announced that they would step aside from producing SPLF and the IMs Contest. The process of transition was delayed due to Covid and in 2021, they named Tomo as the new Owner and Producer of SPLF and the IMs Title System. Master Jim, slave marsha and Sir Cougar produced SPLF and the IMs Contest for the last time in March 2022, and during an emotional ceremony at Brunch during the event, passed the reins to Tomo.

We thank Master Jim, slave marsha and Sir Cougar with our deepest gratitude for all the work they have generously given to our community for so many years and honor them with the status of SPLF Producer Emeritus with our admiration and respect.

As the Owner and Producer of South Plains Leatherfest and the IMs Title System, Tomo brings many years of work in event production, decades of service as a member of the Leather Community, and the experience as a former IMs Titleholder to the job. With these skills, along with Tomo’s drive and capability, SPLF and the IMs Title System is in solid hands to thrive as it enters a new generation.

Tomo and Master Jim
Master Jim, Marsha and Cougar observing a logo hanging

We Will Not Forget

In 2002, slave marsha decided there needed to be a short and sweet way to describe the heart of South Plains Leatherfest. After a great deal of thought, she hit on four words that she felt captured the event’s essence. With that, the theme of South Plains became “We Will Not Forget.”

In 2012 the phrase "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" was incorporated to the long-held theme. At South Plains, we honor our yesterdays by remembering that the only reason an event like this can exist is because of the people who risked everything to gather in those first SM parties, clubs and events. We will not forget that what we call the “Leather Community” today was born from Leathermen. We will not forget the years of exile that Leatherwomen have experienced from the broader women’s movement. We will not forget that too often, our own community frequently misunderstands, and at worst rejects, those who identify as Masters and slaves.

We will not forget the inequitable treatment of marginalized people in our Leather Community and work to create a home that is socially just at South Plains; where diversity is embraced and discrimination is not tolerated.

We will not forget that the pandemic forced the cancellation of South Plains 2021. We will not forget the sadness we felt when we could not gather with our South Plains family as we had done for past 20+ years. We will not forget the pain and losses we suffered as a result of COVID-19.

As we were able to once again gather in 2022, we will remember that the South Plains family is strong and resilient. We will remember that we are stronger standing together than when we stand alone. We will be grateful that we can once again come together and celebrate.

As we look to 2023 and beyond, we celebrate our community and feel gratitude for all we were, all we are, and all we can become.