IM/s 2024

Congratulations to
Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake

2024 IMs Winners Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake

The IM/s Title Family

2024: Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake

2023: Master Penguin and slave ginna

2022: Beast and echo

2021: The 2021 International Master/slave Contest was not held due to COVID-19. The following members from the IM/s Titleholder Family held the title and represented our community in 2021:
Master David and slave Brynn, Mister Blue and BlueFrost, Sir DaddyDaun and slavegirl j, Ms Rhonda and Tomo, Master Michael and slave angie, slave Jonathan Arnowitz Taylor, Master Dan and slave Melissa, Liza and her slave Jody, Sir Stephen and slave Catherine, Master Jim and slave marsha 

2020: Master Rook and slave Rook
2019: Master David and slave Brynn
2018: Mister Blue and BlueFrost
2017: Sir DaddyDaun and slavegirl j
2016: Ms Rhonda and Tomo
2015: Master Kevin and slave feyrie
2014: Master Michael and slave angie
2013: Master Morris Taylor and Slave Jonathan Arnowitz Taylor
2012: Master Dan and slave Melissa
2011: Liza and her slave Jody
2010: Master Obsidian and slave namaste
2009: Daddy Ken and slaveboy tim
2008: Master Rick and slave Tina
2007: Master Larry and slave barb
2006: Mistress Suzan and slave teagan
2005: Sir Stephen and slave catherine
2004: Master Z and slaveboy tony
2003: Master Bert Cutler and slave nadine
2002: Master Scott and slavette
2001: Master Jim and slave marsha
2000: Master Steve and slave kirk
1999: Miss Khiki and slave Samantha
1998: Roger Curtman and bill
1997: Roger Curtman and bill
1996: Morganna and michael
1995: Jack and tom Stice
1994: John Birch and Beau Lee James
1993: Tammerlayn von Hohenzollern and Kit Terkel
1992: K.T. Chase and Susie Shepherd

Southern California Master/slave
1991: Race Bannon and Mike Pierce
1990: Mark Bowers and Bob Farrell