Is SPLF for me?

The short answer is YES!

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SPLF has a focus on Authority Exchange Relationships, but not just that! We welcome all from Kink, Leather, M/s, D/s and hope to have something for everyone at SPLF.


South Plains welcomes you, no matter how many events you have attended or how much experience you have in kink or leather. We offer a wide range of classes taught by some of the nation’s best presenters. We also offer “South Plains 101,” a class that introduces you to the weekend and what to expect to help you feel more at home. We even have a Newcomers Coordinator to help you out before, during and after SPLF. Use Contact Us and ask for the Newcomer's Coordinator and we'll get our team in touch with you. Many folx have made South Plains their first kink event and not only lived to tell the tale, they have kept coming back!

Is a “leatherfest” only for people into the leather scene?

No! South Plains is home to folx from many diverse communities within kink and leather. We have plenty in common and at SPLF we embrace everyone.

Do I have to wear leather?

Absolutely not! All types of fetish wear, including jeans and a tee-shirt, your most fabulous gown, or your everyday normal wear are acceptable. Part of the excitement and atmosphere of South Plains is seeing what everyone is wearing, whether it’s leather, latex, rubber, collars, covers, boots, stilettos, or… you name it! Friday evening, Debauchery is a fancy dinner and show. We invite you to wear your leather or formal best, and most importantly, whatever you are comfortable in! You don’t have to dress in any certain way to attend any activity at South Plains. Our only rule is that your dress must be street-legal.

Do I have to be into that whole Master/slave thing to come to South Plains?

Not at all. We seek to serve the Master/slave community through education and the IMs Contest and also host the International Person of Leather Contest. We welcome all kinds of relationships that exchange authority, not just M/s. Whether you are into M/s, BDSM, or any kink in general, we’ve got you covered with an amazing weekend full of social events and classes covering a broad range of M/s, kink, and Leather Community topics.

Is there a certain way I must behave?

There are no secret BDSM/leather protocols in place that everyone must follow. We promise! Just be you and be kind.

Want to Play?

There are on-site BDSM play parties Friday and Saturday nights at South. The play space will feature separate parties for "all welcome", women, men, BIPOC and trans/non-binary. And the great thing's just a short walk after play to your room.

I'm gay/dyke/queer/non-binary/trans. Am I welcome at South Plains?

South Plains has a specific mission to create a home for the gay/dyke/transgender/queer leather community. All three of the original owners of South Plains are gay – Master Jim is a gay leatherman while slave marsha and Sir Cougar are leatherdykes. The current owner Tomo is a queer butch leatherdyke. It is our goal to make South Plains a welcoming space that understands and meets the specific needs of our community. Come join us.

I’m heterosexual. Am I welcome at South Plains?

Absolutely! We welcome all who are interested in learning about and sharing in kink/leather/SM, D/s and M/s relationships.

I’m a TNGer (The Next Generation). Am I welcome at South Plains?

Without question those who are members of The Next Generation or who are in the 30 and under age group are most welcome. Much of who we are and/or become is a product of who we surround ourselves with and how open we are to learning from them. The benefits of generational teaching and learning are embraced at South Plains. We encourage those in the TNG community to come to South Plains and bring all that great TNG energy, ideas and perspectives with you! We even have a TNG Coordinator to answer questions and host onsite socials. Use Contact Us and ask for the TNG Coordinator and we'll get our team in touch with you.

Come one, come all! If what we offer at South Plains interests you, we will welcome you no matter how you identify (or don’t identify)!

The actual “owner” of SPLF is South Plains, LLC. Tomo, as the Owner and Producer makes the day to day decisions about the SPLF, the IM/s Title System, the IPOL Title System and creates the weekend with the help of a fantastic Staff and amazing volunteers.

The owner of SPLF lives in Northern California, however given our electronic world today, it is not difficult to do the bulk of the production work from afar. Tomo, who found the Leather Community in Texas almost three decades ago, spends significant time and energy joyfully connecting and building relationships with local Texas folx. South Plains has its roots deep in the Dallas leather community as the original owners, Master Jim and slave marsha were active members of the Dallas community for years. There are no plans to move the event.

You can contact Tomo by using the Contact Us form on this website.

Please do NOT contact Tomo by message or post on FetLife or Facebook. We need to keep all South Plains correspondence in one place! If you use the Contact Us located at the lower left of every page of this website, we promise a quick response.

The answer to that is no… and yes. South Plains is not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The owner of SPLF elected to not organize South Plains as a 501(c)(3) because of the fairly complicated structure and reporting the IRS requires for those organizations. But like a 501(c)(3), none of the net earnings of South Plains is returned to the owner and producer of the event – in other words, Tomo does not receive any income from the event. All profits are used to make improvements to the event. So while we are not defined in the eyes of the government as non-profit, Tomo does not benefit financially from SPLF.

You must be at least 21 years of age to attend South Plains Leatherfest.

Either Love Field (home of Southwest Airlines) or DFW-International Airport. The hotel does not offer shuttle service from either airport. Rental cars, UBER, LYFT and taxis are readily available at the airports, or check out Super Shuttle.

Check out the lower left hand side of every page of this website for all the social links and to subscribe to our email updates!

No, however you may be eligible for a refund. Please Contact Us and we'll help you figure this out!

South Plains offers a large open play space that welcomes all and additionally separate play spaces for women, men, BIPOC and non-binary/trans. South Plains is mindful about remembering our leather history – and that means providing a home for the queer leather community that has been at the heart of that history. In a speech, Producer Emeritus slave marsha once talked about the need to accept that in a community as diverse as ours, not everyone will want to play together all the time. Sometimes, groups will need separate space – and that's okay. At South Plains, we believe that providing self-identified separate space doesn't do harm to the community's diversity – instead, it supports it.

Please be aware that even though we have sold out the hotel and the space is entirely ours, we ask that your dress be both “street legal” and respectful of the hotel staff who have not consented to see your parts or your play. The bottom line is, if you wouldn’t wear it out on a public street, please don’t wear it in the public areas of the hotel. These dress guidelines are in effect in the hotel lobby, the hotel restaurant, pool area, and in all hotel hallways. It is especially important that all South Plains attendees follow these guidelines especially when going to and from the play parties.

South Plains is proud to offer an exciting and varied selection of vendors each year. If you’d like to join us, please go to our Vendor Page and send us your application. Please note that we do NOT select our vendors on a “first come-first serve” basis – we select vendors based on product type, diversity, uniqueness, etc.

South Plains like other events in our community could not take place without the help of volunteers. Joining the volunteer team at SPLF is a great way to meet new people, have a job to do, help the event and save money! If you’d like to our volunteer team, please go to our Volunteer Page and send us your application. Please note that we do NOT select our volunteers on a “first come-first serve” basis. Factors such as past reliability as a South Plains volunteer and special skills/talents needed by the event will also be considered.

We're glad you asked! You can easily support SPLF with a variety of sponsorship levels. Being a sponsor brings attention to you, your business, or your group. We’ll not only put your logo on the website all year long, we’ll announce it from stage and add it to the program.

To become a Sponsor, please go to our Sponsor Page and fill out the form to send us your information.

Our commitment to our community is to select judges for the both the International Master/slave and International Person of Leather Contests who have demonstrated significant real-life experience in and/or knowledge of Master/slave relationships and Leather Community and who support these titles. We are committed to select a diverse panel of judges. The judges are selected by the owner of South Plains Leatherfest.

The International Master/slave Contest has established 5 regions covering the United States; if you and your slave live in the U.S., you must compete in and win the regional contest (or whatever selection process that region uses) in your geographic region. If you reside outside of the U.S., you may apply directly to compete at International Master/slave. For more information and contest rules and requirements, please refer to these contest documents.

The money for the International Master/slave and International Person of Leather travel fund comes entirely from money raised at SPLF along with donations from members of the community. Make a donation to the travel fund.

Please use the Contact Us form on this website and tell us all about it! We’ll forward your information to our incredible Team Dungeon!

Day passes are available online for purchase. If the event is not sold out, a limited number of day passes are available for purchase onsite.

The International Person of Leather Contest has established 7 regions covering the United States; if you live in the U.S., you must compete in and win the regional contest (or whatever selection process that region uses) in your geographic region. If you reside outside of the U.S., you may apply directly to compete at International Person of Leather. For more information and contest rules and requirements, please refer to these contest documents.