We have hot, saucy entertainment at South Plains Leatherfest!

The Goddess Indigo - Emcee

Debauchery Dinner and Show
IMs IPOL Contest Opening Night
Saturday IMs IPOL Contest Finale

The Goddess Indigo

Tomo - Emcee

Hot Seat Cafe Luncheon


Master Dante Amor

Brunch Keynote
Hot Seat Cafe Luncheon

master Dante Amor

The Goddess is an author and international educator with a unique brand of irreverent humor. This covered Leather Master is a founding board member and President of Onyx Pearls Lustre Southwest and Directrix of MAsT Austin.
An ordained minister, International Ms. Leather (IMsL) 2024 and first BIPOC Ms. Texas Leather, she is exponentially powered by her three incredible force multipliers (her slaves): Dr. Bob, his BBG and Slave Sill.
The second IMsL of Asian descent after a fifteen year gap, she is humbled to be half of the first pair of Asian International Titleholders with the powerhouse IMsBB Spank Cake. The Goddess is proud to be one half of the first Onyx IMsL/International Mr Leather (IML) pair with the incomparable Pup Alpha (The first to earn this title as a pup). The Goddess is especially blessed to be a member of “The Family,” the oldest BIPOC Matriarchal Leather family.
She is honored to continue to be invited to present on her passions: sustainable female-led dynamics and the sustainability and growth of our Leather Women. She urges our community to work together to passionately defend our kin who are under attack, actively protect and advance our rights world-wide, exercise our right to vote in the countries we can and exert the power of our united voices to effect change.

Tomo (He/They) is a queer butch leatherdyke who found the leather community during a sunset motorcycle ride with his wife Mel decades ago. He has presented classes, produced events, served as a judge, keynote speaker, auctioneer and emcee at leather events since. Tomo has been served by his Majordomo Levi for over 15 years.

Tomo is Owner and Producer of South Plains Leatherfest, the International Master slave Contest and the International Person of Leather Contest. He served as Northwest slave 2015 and International slave 2016/2021. He was a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack, and Northwest Person of Leather Contests. He was also a Producer of International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack for seven years. He co-produces the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest and is a founding member of the D.U.C.

Tomo is a member and serves as Webmaster for Queer Leather Association Sacramento, has served as the West Coast Curator for the Leather Quilt Project, is a former Director of MAsT: Sacramento , and is a member of MAsT: San Francisco and The Exiles. He was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award, the 2018 Master slave Conference slave Heart Award, the 2020 Vice President’s Award from the National Leather Association, and the 2023 Master slave Conference Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award.

Master Dante has been formally active in M/s for 20 years and owned slave Gaia Amor for nineteen of those, a polyamorous Master/slave relationship by design from its inception. This expanded into a polyfidelitous dynamic when slave Sarah joined his leather family six years ago, and again when slave Coco joined them three years ago. They maintain a 24/7 M/s household together in NYC.

A loquacious instigator, tipper of sacred cows, and certified clinical hypnotherapist for over two decades, in authority-based relationships Dante has always centered emotional, psychological, and interpersonal dynamics first and foremost. A firm believer that mastery is a continual work in progress requiring rigorous self-inquiry, personal development, vulnerability, and a willingness to support others, he currently serves the community as:

Director, MAsT: Metro NY
Executive Producer, MsC Worldwide
Vice-President, MAsT International, Inc.
Board of Directors, MTTA Inc. (Master/slave Conference)