Budget Tips

Here are some ways to save money at South Plains Leatherfest!

Register early! The early registration price is the lowest price you will find!

Join the SPLF Team as a Volunteer! Meet new friends, help us build community and SAVE MONEY! Apply to be a volunteer today!

Fly Southwest Airlines! Southwest doesn’t charge baggage fees for your first two bags – very important when you’re bringing your leathers and a toy bag! Not only that, Southwest flies into Love Field, just 25 minutes from the host hotel.

Book your flight early! Search engines like Kayak etc will help you compare airlines and pricing. Remember, as the date nears, the price of the flights will increase!

Share a room! Make new friends and save money by sharing a room at our host hotel. We’ve setup a Room Share link for our attendees on Fetlife to make it easy. Don’t be shy – put up a post on the South Plains FetLife group today! Post on Fetlife

Share a rental car or ride share from the airport and decrease your cost of getting from the airport to the hotel. If you need a few friends for a car or ride share, put a post on South Plains group at FetLife! Post on Fetlife

Cheap Eats! We know eating at a hotel can be expensive, but there are other options. You can choose the GET STUFFED DISCOUNT MEAL PACKAGE when you register. This plan is subsidized by SPLF and gives you the opportunity to sit and share a meal including fabulous entertainment with your community at a big discount.

Our host hotel is located in an area where there are many nearby restaurant options. Grocery shopping is also available near the hotel so stock up in your room and eat at home!