IM/s Contest History

International Master/slave is a title with deep roots in the Leather community and is the fourth oldest among international leather titles, behind only International Mr. Leather, International Mr. Drummer/Drummer boy (now International LeatherSIR/boy), and International Ms Leather. This title system was founded in 1990 when the first Master/slave title, then owned and produced by Luke Owens, was won by Mark Bowers and Bob Farrell. In 1992 the name of the title was changed to International Master/slave and that title was won by K.T. Chase and Susie Shepherd. From 1992 to 1995, Mr. Owens was involved with the contest, which at that time was held around the country in conjunction with the Pantheon of Leather competition owned and produced by Mr. Dave Rhodes.

For a three-year period after 1995, IMsC became involved with Masters and slaves Together, or MAsT. In 1994, after the death of MAsT’s founder, slave michel de la Roche, “ownership” of MAsT passed to Luke Owens, and then in 1995 Mr. Owens gave both MAsT and the IMsC to Bob Fifield, who decided to merge the two and make the contest an official function of MAsT.

In June 1996, MAsT produced the International Master/slave Contest in conjunction with the first SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF) in Atlanta. Following a new tradition that had been suggested by Jack Stice, Mr. Fifield asked the current International Master and slave, Morganna and michael to host the 1997 contest in Denver, Colorado. That contest was won by Master Roger Curtman and his slave bill from Atlanta.

Master Roger Curtman accepted ownership of the IMs contest in 1998 and went on to produce the next contest in March 1999 in Atlanta. The International Master/slave Weekend in Atlanta in 1999, also known as Masters and slaves Together or simply MAsT ’99, was the first known leather/BDSM/fetish event held exclusively for Masters and slaves. Three M/s pairs competed in the 1999 contest, which was won by Miss Khiki and slave samantha. In 2000, Roger Curtman passed ownership of the IMsC to Tom Stice, the surviving 1995 IM/s titleholder, and for the next three years (2000-2002) the contest stayed in Atlanta as part of SouthEast LeatherFest.

In 2001, Master Jim and slave marsha won the International Master/slave titles at SELF. In 2003, the home of the International Master/slave Contest changed once again, moving to South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas. Tom Stice owned it and it was produced by Master Jim, slave marsha and Mark Frazier. The focus of the IMs Title System changed from being primarily about representation to also being about education, with a teaching component added to the contest and the titleholder requirements. Master Jim and slave marsha acquired ownership of the contest from Mr. Stice in 2004, and it has been part of the South Plains Leatherfest–International Master/slave Weekend. In 2008, Sir Cougar joined Master Jim and slave marsha as the third owner and producer of the International Master/slave Contest.

In March 2022, ownership of the International Master slave Contest was passed from Master Jim, slave marsha and Sir Cougar to Tomo, who continues the work of stewardship responsibility of the International Master/slave Contest and South Plains Leatherfest.

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