The first International Person of Leather Contest held at South Plains Leatherfest will be in March 2024.

Please check back for the judges in 2024.

Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky since. She is a member of Portland Bad Girls, San Francisco Exiles and MAsT. She has always been interested in teaching and training. Among her pupils have been horses, dogs, dolphins, children and inmates. She is honored to have served as International Master 2011

victor is a devoted slave to his Master, Sir Luke, to whom he has surrendered his life. he finds peace in being a useful, adaptable servant, and discovered that discomfort provides opportunity for growth. Within the community, he has served as an educator, titleholder, contest judge, speaker, and confidant to others engaging in Master/slave dynamics

Master Bill has been in the lifestyle since the 1960's. He joined the public scene relatively late in the 1990's. His primary focus has been as the Chairman of PEER Group, a gateway lifestyle group in his hometown of Cincinnati for over 25 years, a member of the MAsT International Board for over 10 years, and the founder and manager of The Power Exchange Centre which he founded in 2011

Master Lola Smiles is a Latina Leather Female Master from Long Island, NY, who has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years - a BDSM educator & presenter and event promoter for 9 years. Master Lola is the head of the House of SCK.  Established in 2018, the House of SCK is a diverse Leather house founded on the core values of Loyalty, Support & Family

Master Seykou Nia is the Head of the House of Nia, a 24/7 M/s Leather household. He is a covered Leatherman, active lifestyle Dominant and Sadistic service Top. The House of Nia is a co-founding member of LHOCC (Leather Houses of Color Coalition), Seykou is ½ of the former Colorado Master/slave pair for 2016, Pantheon of Leather Award nominee, BDSM Educator, lover of the leaf (cigars) and overall Kinky fucker.

Mrs. BlueFrost, the devoted slave, and wife to Mister-Blue was the 2018/2021 International slave and 2017 Northeast slave. She serves on the board of MTTA and the staff of the MsC. As a professional coach and content creator, she routinely speaks at national conferences and special interest groups to further educate and empower people looking to live in healthy, sustainable authority transfer relationships free of judgment and justification through self-development, service, and surrender.

slave brynn is the long- time slave of Master David. she identifies as a bisexual, femme, leather girl, little, and bootblack. She is a founding member of House of Dark Shadows, and serves as secretary of San Joaquin girls of leather and MAsT: Bakersfield. Along with her Master, she produced FLAME Conference and they are caretakers of the West Coast half of the Leather Quilt. she is honored to be the 2019 International slave.