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South Plains Leatherfest

South Plains 2017 M/s Presenters


Judi is the Executive Director of the Southwest Leather Conference. She openly shares her knowledge and twenty year of hospitality experience to assist other events and community groups in contracting and venue selection. She began her journey in this lifestyle over twenty years ago, determining that service brought her the most joy. She has been with her Master for twenty-five years and in service to Him for the past sixteen years. Judi is a member of Mama's Family, APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), Red Dragon’s Riding Club – Firebird Chapter and Butchmanns Experience Faculty member.

Goat is the President of the Red Dragons Riding Club Firebird Chapter. His passion is community service. He began his journey in this lifestyle over twenty years ago finding acceptance within the Leather community. He has been with his wife/slave, judi, for the twenty-five years and in a power exchange dynamic for the past sixteen years. Goat is a member of APEX (Arizona Power Exchange).

Blue Collar Master/White Collar slave


Master Don & orja

Master Don’s journey in the lifestyle began in 1956 when he was eighteen years old. He is the proud Master and owner of orja, his cherished slave of twenty years.

He was the Chairman of the BESS Board of Directors and was the Assistant Director of MAsT-Baltimore.

He and his slave have been presenters at Black Rose, BESS, NDDS Boot Camp, Floating World, MAsT Philadelphia, the M/s Conference, Winter Solstice, SE Leather Fest, Alternative Expressions, MAsT Wilmington, Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, Joint MAsT Meeting and Touch of Flavor.

Master Don was the 2014 NE Assistant Representative for MAsT International (January to February) and the 2014 NE Representative for MAsT International (remainder of the year). He also served as NE Master, 2010.

Master Don was presented with the Master Heart award at the 2015 Master/slave Conference.

orja is owned by Master, Don, and has been for 20 years. orja has been a member of a number of groups and organizations including MAsT DC Pan, BESS, Black Rose, MAsT-Baltimore, MAsT Philadelphia, MAsT Wilmington, NDDs, MAsT Laurel Women and O.N.U.K, as well as several private discussion groups. She has presented at BESS, NDDs Boot Camp, Floating World, M/s Conference, Winter Solstice and Southeast Leatherfest. As the 2010 Northeast slave, she presented many classes with Master Don during their title year.

orja currently serves on the Board of Directors of MTTA Inc. and is on staff at The MTTA Academy. Other positions include 2012 Assistant Representative of the Northeast Region of MAsT and 2013 Representative of the Northeast Region of MAsT.

She is proud to have achieved the following awards: 2009 slave heart award, 2009 MAsT International Presenter of the Year, 2010 Northeast slave.

Age Differences and the Challenges That Go With It


Master George and slave bren

Master George is Owner of slave bren. He took her as His collared slave in 2008, and they have been together for 15 incredible, adventurous, and astonishing years.

Master George served as the Threshold Society Coordinator; he was a board member for the Los Angeles Leather Coalition 2012/2013 as well as the Leather heart foundation. He is founder of the Los Angeles Brothers in Dominance (LABiD) a group that supports Male Dominants in the LA area since 2003. Master George is founder of MAsT North Hollywood and patriarch of his leather family.

Master George is the Executive Producer of the Southern California Master/slave Contest and the Leather H.E.A.T. Conference in the Los Angeles, CA.

slave bren is first a dedicated slave in service to Master George.

slave bren has been: Southern California Leather Women 2015, SW Leather slave 2011, The Threshold Society Coordinator Emeritus from 2012-2013 and the first female slave to ever hold this position. She is the humble founder of the Los Angeles sisters in submission (LAsis) and founder of the Los Angeles girls of Leather chapter. She hosts a yearly national auction to benefit an organization nationally in our Leather community and to date she has raised over $25,000.00.

slave bren is an owner and executive producer of Leather H.E.A.T a weekend conference held in Los Angeles. She has judged local, numerous regional, and international leather contests.

slave bren has been awarded the Southland honors Chairman’s award 2012 for her service to her local leather community and Southwest Leather Conference Volunteer of the Year Award in January 2013.

Control vs. Authority
Faith and Trust in the Master/slave Dynamic


Master Jim and slave marsha

Master Jim, International Master 2001, is a leatherman who has been involved in the SM/Leather community for over 25 years. During that time, he has presented seminars and weekend programs on Master/slave relationships across the U.S. and Canada. Master Jim is one of the owners of South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave weekend ( held in Dallas each year and is a co-owner of the International Master/slave title contest held at South Plains.

Master Jim identifies sexually as a gay leatherman; however, he is comfortable being served by persons of any gender or sexual orientation. Currently, he is the owner of a biological female slave, slave marsha, who has been in service to him for almost 20 years. Master Jim, slave marsha, and slave marsha’s mate, Cougar, live together as a leather family. Master Jim also has a Sir/ boy relationship with boy alex from Toronto and he has Keith aka “Beast “as his man in service.

slave marsha, International slave 2001, has been involved in SM for nearly 18 years. She has been in service to Master Jim of Dallas for almost 20 years as his slave, and prior to that, another 1 ½ years as his “woman in service.” slave marsha frequently assists Master Jim in presenting seminars on Master/slave relationships across the U.S. and Canada. Among other projects, slave marsha is a co-owner of South Plains Leatherfest –International Master/slave Weekend ( in Dallas, and is one of the co-owners of the International Master/slave title contest.

slave marsha has long viewed slavery as a “calling.” Those who are called to slavery do not respond to the call because they can do nothing else – they respond because for them, nothing else will do. For slave marsha, slavery offers a way of life in which she can best use her strength, talents, and intelligence in service to another.

slave marsha identifies sexually as a Femme leatherdyke, however, her desire to serve transcends sexual orientation, making it possible for her to happily serve Master Jim, a gay leatherman. As a Femme leatherdyke, slave marsha is grateful that Master Jim allows her to have a romantic partnership relationship with Cougar, a Butch leatherdyke. In July 2006, slave marsha and Cougar were united as life mates in a Union Ceremony officiated by Master Jim. Since early 2007, Master Jim, slave marsha and Cougar have lived together as a leather family. One of slave marsha’s favorite forms of service is riding her 2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe with Master Jim, while singing “Born to be Wild” and playing with Maximum Red Storm “Ryder” (a miniature Australian Shepherd) – the only one in the family who has to do what she says.

Master Jim and slave marsha were recipients of the Jack Stice Memorial Award in 2006 and the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award in 2011. Master Jim received the 2004 Southwest Leather Conference Leadership Award and the 2012 Pantheon award for the South Central Region in 2012.

Tiny Service, Big Impact:  When Size Doesn’t Matter


Master John

Master John was first introduced to the leather lifestyle back in the mid-90’s with the phrase “want to try something a little different?” Since that time, he has been on this leather journey down the road less traveled by. He has held leadership positions in several local BDSM organizations and currently serves as Executive Director of Evergreen Leather Events, the organization that produces Leather Reign. Master John, alongside his slave ann, had the privilege of serving as Northwest Master and slave 2014. They are also owners/producers of the Washington State Master slave contest.

Master John and slave ann have been married and in a Master/slave relationship since 2000. In 2007 they found their “unicorn” and in 2010 kim joined them to create their triad family.

If one slave is good, two are even better, right


Master Jon and slave amendah

Master Jon hails from Chicago, IL, where he is the proud owner of slave amendah, whom he lovingly tortures with puns, jokes, and wisecracks. He carries the title of Great Lakes Master 2015, Illinois Master 2015 and 2014.

Jon is passionate about education of Masters and people finding their own voices; he found his in the values of Bushido and the teachings of Confucious. He and amendah have traveled throughout the Great Lakes region speaking on human furniture play, kitty pet play, and the values of M/s as "Relational Antacid" to help calm people's Big Ugly Relational Problems (or B.U.R.P.s).

In the time he has between events (usually measured in minutes), Master Jon likes to unwind with slave amendah performing sessions of breath play, impact, rope, emotional sadomasochism, and fire play. ...But he has yet to try them all at once.

slave amendah is the slave, property, and kitteh to Master Jon. She was introduced by Master Jon to the kink/BDSM life six years ago, and has not looked back since! By day she practices the art of masochism as a paralegal at a Major Metropolitan Law Firm. By night, she serves Master Jon, models for fetish photography, and when time permits engages in RACK sessions of breathplay, impact, grappling, and fire play. She holds the title of Great Lakes slave 2015, Illinois slave 2015 and 2014.

Power Exchange as Relational Antacid
"You Want Me To Do What?": An Introduction to Protocols


Master Malik and slave cathy

As a student of life, leather, and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., founder of MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club

Slave Cathy is very active in the alternative lifestyle community, having leadership roles in local leather clubs and organizations. She is member of T.U.L.S.A. (a local Leather club), and MAsT-Tulsa.

She was privileged to serve as Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2006a and South Central Leather Woman 2010.

Together they strongly believe with passion about "acceptance", "tolerance" and "diversity" of our larger tribe.

Master Malik and slave Cathy are proud to serve as Southwest Master/slave 2008. They were co- founders of Xpressions (a play space in Tulsa, OK).

Thunder and Lightening of Whip Play - 201 and beyond
Music and Soul of Canes
Open Secrets of Long Term Master/slave Dynamics

Master Michael and slave angie

Michael has been into leather and kink for most of his life and has owned slave Angie for thirteen years. Michael’s passion is to explore what it means to be a Master and leatherman and to encourage others to explore the same within in themselves.

Michael is honored to be International Master 2014. He is the executive producer of Illinois Leather Alliance, Assistant Regional Director of the Great Lakes MAsT region and full member of the Chicago Leather Club. Michael is the recipient of the 2015 Jack Stice Memorial Award and 2015 Pantheon for Couple of the Year with his slave. Michael presents on M/s and BDSM topics worldwide.

Michael’s passions include riding Harleys, bourbon, cigars, being a full-on nerd/geek, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and living an amazing Life with his slave. He loves the title he’s earned from his leather tribe - “International Fancy Master”.

A slave to Master Michael for over thirteen years, a femme leatherwoman, bootblack, masochist and puppy. Slave angie has worked hard to grow in the Master/slave dynamic that means so much to her, and has found love and happiness in being who she is. Angie’s path as a slave has taken her to explore a more spiritual/deeper element, as well as learning to share her experiences to others, teaching when she’s asked to, around the world.

Angie is honored to be International slave 2014. She is co-recipient of the 2015 Jack Stice Memorial award and 2015 Pantheon Couple of the Year award. She is also the Treasurer for the Chicago Leather Club and a member of the Butchmann’s Board of Directors. Angie loves to ride with Michael and keep active in service to her Master and community, as well as making sure Master has plenty of gray hairs.

Presenting: Powerful Minds - Masters and Mental Challenges


Master Skip and slave Rick

Community Service:

  • * Over 250 presentations and workshops
  • * More than a dozen keynote addresses
  • * Butchmanns Experience core instructor (7 years)
  • * Southwest Leather Conference co-producer (6 years)
  • * People of Leather Among You co-founder and facilitator (7 years)


  • * Avatar Club Los Angeles Leadership Award
  • * Avatar Club Los Angeles
  • * Lee Montague Community Service Award
  • * Master/slave Conference Master Heart Award
  • * Master/slave Conference Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award
  • * Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award
  • * Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award

Media Coverage:

  • “Ask the Man Who Owns him” (NLA award-winning non-fiction book)
  • “Pup” (award-winning documentary film)
  • “” magazine
  • “Power Exchange” magazine

"Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

slave Rick has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships and has delivered endnote/keynote addresses at conferences and events throughout North America for over 15 years.

his awards include the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the Master slave Conference “slave Heart Award."

He recently published a new book entitled Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir which is available on In it, he presents his personal journey of an M/s relationship as a valid path toward self-realization. He hopes it may help lift the stigma often attached to various alternative lifestyles.

slave Rick is currently a licensed kink aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA (

First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master for over 17 years.

FINISHING TOUCHES: What To Do When Your M/s Relationship Is Not Enough
REFINING FIRE: The Role of SM in Master/slave Relationships


Master Todd & slave Elizabeth

Todd has been in active in the BDSM community since 2004, and a pervert for as long as he can remember. He is honored to have served as the Southwest Master 2013. He collared his slave, elizabeth, in December of 2007 and they live in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. Together they present in both their local Austin, TX area community and around the country at Leather and BDSM conferences and events. Master Todd is the creator of, an online kinky literary review site and serves as a correspondent More information about his household is available at

Since 2007 elizabeth has been first and foremost Master Todd’s slave and in his service functions as his co-presenter and sidekick. She is honored to have served as the Southwest slave 2013. She began participating in the BDSM community in 2005. In 2012 she founded the Austin girls of Leather (AgoL) and serves as the club leader. She enjoys volunteering as a correspondent for She is a Master’s level counselor and specializes in end of life and grief work. With Master Todd, she serves the larger leather community through educational presentations locally and around the country. She advocates for LGBTQ+ families and provides support through her Facebook page “Kinky Queer and Parenting”. Information about her Master’s household is available at

M/s in the Apocalypse


Mr. Ellen and Pup Michael

Mr. Ellen is a genderqueer dominant, daddy, sadist, author, and communication fetishist. She has been active in Leather and BDSM publicly since attending her first TES meeting in 2004 and is honored to have volunteered, taught, and held staff positions at numerous conferences and events across the United States since that time. Her interests range from deep, thought provoking conversation to anal fisting—also deep and thought provoking at times! Outside of play, Mr. Ellen is passionate about the continuous cultivation of her O/p relationship with her boy and working with her two horses. Mr. Ellen and Pup Michael are co-authors of their book “Collared: The Story of a Sir and Her Priest” which chronicles the early years and development of their O/p relationship.

Pup Michael has been involved in BDSM since meeting Mr. Ellen in 2010, though his interest goes back many years prior to that. Pup Michael identifies primarily as a service-oriented slave and as his owner’s property and views the majority of his kink activities as a service to her. SPLF 2017 is Pup Michael’s first time speaking and teaching within the context of a Leather event and he is honored to be here with his Owner. Mr. Ellen and Pup Michael are co-authors of their book “Collared: The Story of a Sir and Her Priest” which chronicles the early years and development of their O/p relationship.

"It’s Complicated": How we built our ideal M/s relationship under less-than-ideal circumstances
Young and Dominant?


Ms Rhonda and tomo

Ms Rhonda is the Owner and Master of tomo and together they are proud to be International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. A part of the Northern California Leather Community for many years, Ms Rhonda has presented classes and served as a judge at local and national events and was a producer of International Ms Leather / International Ms Bootblack Contest Weekend. She is Secretary of the Board of Directors of MAsT International, Inc. and is Co-Director of MAsT: Sacramento. She is the Owner and Founder of KinkED Productions (, which provides educational events for the Northern California Leather and M/s communities. She is a member of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles and is proud to be a member of Mama’s family as Mama’s Femme Master.

tomo is honored to be the slave of Ms Rhonda and serves with her Master as International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. She identifies as a leatherdyke and has roots in the New York and South Texas Leather Communities. tomo has been teaching Japanese Martial Arts for over 30 years and as a slave, has been deeply affected by this culture. She has presented classes and served as a judge at local and national events for two decades. She was a producer of International Ms Leather / International Ms Bootblack Contest Weekend and a founder of the Dyke Uniform Corps. She is a member of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles and a member of Mama’s family as Mama’s Samurai. tomo was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award.

Layers of Poly Hierarchy
What’s in a name? Alternative Titles for Hierarchical Relationships


Ms Brenda & slave arcane

Ms Brenda and arcane are a 24/7 Master/slave couple from Columbus, Ohio. They have over 20 years each in M/s D/s relationships. They have proudly held the titles of Great Lakes Leather Alliance Master and slave for 2014, and Ohio Master and slave for 2014 and 2015. They enjoy presenting on all topics relating to the M/s dynamic and particularly those of Female Master and male slave.

Ms Brenda is active with local groups including Columbus G.O.A.L (General Outreach for Alternative Lifestyles), an outreach program she began as a place for all community members to come together and talk openly. Both Ms Brenda and slave arcane are members of Titans of the Midwest, and active in their local NLA and MAsT chapters.

slave arcane was born in Oklahoma and raised all over. Currently he and Ms. Brenda reside just outside of Columbus, Ohio, where they raise miniature horses. He was honored to carry the title of GLLA slave 2014. Having lived in a collar for more than two decades he is passionate about helping male submissives and slaves along their journey. When not presenting on topics relating to the M/s dynamic, slave arcane is usually busy, making or teaching about floggers, He is active with a local submissive round table, NLA and MAsT chapters, as well as producing Enclave - the event designed with femdom in mind.

Perpetual Dynamic


Sir Gareth and toi

Sir Gareth and slave toi met in the summer of 2006; at the time Sir Gareth was living in Colorado and slave toi in Southern California. On February 17, 2007, slave toi accepted Sir Gareth’s collar. They moved to Colorado in June, 2009.

Sir Gareth is the Director of MAsT-Fort Collins and slave toi is the secretary. Sir Gareth was the 2014/2015 Regional Rep for the Southwest Region for MAsT- International. slave toi is the Marketing Director for Southwest Leather Conference. They are members of MAsT-Metro Denver, MAsT – International and a number of clubs in Colorado and California.

In 2015 they founded the non-profit organization, "Reclaiming Our Leather History", dedicated to recovering, restoring and re-homing Leather items throughout the US and Canada.

Sir Gareth and slave toi are honored to be the Southwest Master and slave 2015 and the Colorado Master and slave 2014.

The Buck Stops Where?


slave Kirk

slave kirk first came to slavery back in 1999 when he became the slave of Master Steve Sampson. Together the two of T/them won the International Master and slave titles in 2000 at the South East Leatherfest. For the next few years slave kirk and his Master toured the USA giving workshops at Leather events wherever they could.

slave kirk was a slave instructor at the Butchmanns Academy in Palm Springs, CA and later in Tucson, AZ. Currently he is a slave instructor for the all-male sessions of the Butchmanns Experience held in Phoenix, AZ. slave kirk is also the longest serving member of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc.

When Master Steve decided to once again become a Buddhist monk in 2009 he released slave kirk and removed his collar. The silly slaveboy thought that he had outgrown slavery and spent all his time working on his Druidic religious and spiritual growth. But he also served as a judge at the NW Master/slave contest in San Jose, CA and was Head Judge at the International Master/slave Contest at South Plains Leatherfest for their 10th anniversary.

Even though he had decided that he was no longer a slave, slave kirk continued to act as a naked slave instructor for the Butchmanns Experience. As all slaves in that experience must have Masters for the weekend, Master Bob Blount kindly agreed to act as slave kirk’s Master for those events.

After a long struggle with himself, slave realized that he was starving a part of himself to no purpose. As Master Bob had indicated that He was interested in owning a male slave, slave kirk petitioned to become his slave and was accepted in September of 2015.

In, Out, and Back Again: A slave’s Journey


Master Obsidian and slave namaste

Master Obsidian is the chapter founder MAsT- Austin and former Regional Representative for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. He and his devoted slave namaste are International M/s 2010 as well as Southwest M/s 2010. Master Obsidian is a published author with articles covering the M/s and BDSM lifestyle and philosophy. His educational experience also includes a number of workshop presentations, classes and weekend intensives focusing on the M/s relationship dynamic. A 2009 nominee for the Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award and 2012 Recipient of the Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart award and the 2013 Jack Stice Memorial Award, he is also currently serving on the Board of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Master Obsidian has been honored to coach both novice and seasoned Dominants and is the owner of slave namaste and the Master of House Obsidian in Austin Texas.

slave namaste is honored and privileged to be the 24/7 slave of Master Obsidian for over 12 years. The 2010 International slave and Southwest slave titleholder as well as the 2013 Recipient of the Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart award, she has counseled, mentored and taught on surrender, internalization of slavery, spirituality and submission. A Life and Relationship Alchemist, Healer, Priestess and Artist she possesses a great passion for aiding her fellow slaves in the lifestyle, domestic service, protocols, spirituality and the art of surrender.

Mastery, Dominance & The Inner Critic
Nothing Bigger Than A Carry- On: The hidden secrets of eliminating baggage in the M/s dynamic
Power Exchange and Authenticity



subHaven is a group of submissives, slaves, bottoms and switches of all experience levels and lifestyles who are dedicated to providing a place for those who identify on the right hand side of the slash to learn and grow in their journey. With a mission of support, education and community service, subHaven provides a safe place to ask questions and get support online through the FetLife group. In addition to the online presence the group provides monthly support Firesides (discussions), service opportunities and educational opportunities based on current needs expressed within the local DFW community.

Roundtable Discussion facilitated by subHaven


South Plains 2017 SM/Leather Presenters


Briar identifies as a queer Leather Woman who is driven by service. She is passionate about educating newcomers in all things Bootblack.

As your 2015 International Community Bootblack, representing ILSb/ICBB; she has been fortunate enough to travel the country and work the stands, teach classes, organize bootblack lounges and judge. Her home bar is the Dallas Eagle where she is currently one of the resident bootblacks. She is an active member of NLA Dallas, serving as treasurer, a Beyond Vanilla committee member, NLA International member, Women in Leather International member, on staff for WILL and South Plains as the bootblack coordinator, and serves as: Honorary Director At-Large (Women's Initiatives) for Team Friendly DFW.

Working hard to come out of her introverted shell, she is thrilled to have found the largest fraternity of shenanigan seekers in the Leather world – the BOOTBLACKS!

Are Cum Stains Allowed? Bootblack Stand Etiquette

Diamond Blue

Diamond Blue is the second in command and first girl of Team Blue, and chatelaine of Harmony House. She is a Shibari performer and model, a crisis management operative and itinerant standup philosopher, and always, Samurai and partner to the incomparable Murphy Blue.

Following Your Rope Path
Let’s Talk Hogties
Rope and D/s

Hardy Haberman

Long-time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press, and Soul of a Second Skin: The Journey of a Gay Christian Leatherman.

His awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “Man of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement” Awards from NLA-I, the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” from Southwest Leatherfest and most recently the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Plains. He is a contributor to Leatherati, a columnist for the Dallas Voice and is currently the Co-chair of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance in Washington, DC. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrated 21 years together as partners in play and life.

Taking It to the Edge
The Mummy Returns


Hromovy been in the leather/Ds community for decades, having first been introduced to the dark arts by Dominican Nuns. She has been an Sm/Ds presenter and advocate since the 90’s, presenting on such topics as leather ethics and protocols, uniforms, blood Sport, and edge play. She is also known as Mz. Demeanor, a Leather and Fetish version of Ms. Manners. While no longer an active FetLife Q&A, she still has very strong opinions on things correct and proper.

Hromovy is a former NLA:I EC Member-at-Large, former two time Co-Chair of Bound by Desire. She has presented or been on the faculty for events such as LIL, IMsL, Beyond Vanilla, TLP, boys Training Camp (Dallas), Master’s Retreat (Keynote address), and judged for: The International Master/slave contest at South Plains, WILI and a variety of regional contests. She is the official photographer for South Plains in Dallas, Texas.

TABOO or not to/ too TABOO, that is the question

Keith aka “Beast”

Keith has been active in the gay leather/BDSM/kink from the age of 19 when he first stepped into the NYC Eagle and hasn't regretted it since. Keith was a member of Gay Male S/M Activist (GMSMA), past co-director of the Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) gay male chapter in NYC, presented for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), ALT.SPACE Edmonton, South Plains Leatherfest, Professional Sex Worker panelist for the TES Fetish Film Festival, a fetish model, and has appeared on TV on SHOWTIME Network's Sex With Sunny Megatron. Keith is passionate about M/s relationships and how BDSM/fetish/kink can be used to sustain the special bond between two souls. Keith's past as an impact play power bottom and 24/7 lifestyle consensual slave has helped shaped the man and BDSM top he's become today. Keith is presently in service to Master Jim.

Power Flogging – Put your body into it!

Lex Divinia

Lex Divinia is a bisexual, poly, kinky, Leather top who has been active in the kink lifestyle for over 20 years. She keeps a special place in her heart for pegging, rough body play, flogging, fisting, objectification, and anticipatory service.

She discovered the amazing Leather community in DFW after moving to Texas in 2007. She has served as NLA Dallas Co-Chair and on the Beyond Vanilla committee. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for a multitude of runs, fundraisers, and events.

Lex is also very proud and honored to provide her assistance to the NLA Dallas Domestic Violence Project in the development of training materials and the on-site training of domestic violence service providers, to better identify and assist callers in the kink lifestyle.

Lex has a BA in Anthropology with a focus on alternative sexual lifestyles.

Dildos and Strap-Ons and Pegging, OH MY!
Are you ready to rumble?

Mark Frazier

During his 30 plus years in the Leather Arena, Mark has been an activist, player, judge, producer of events/contests and an educator.

He has held various local, regional, and international titles and has set on numerous boards for local, regional, and international organizations.

Mark has been the recipient of many awards and accolades over the years.

He is a long time member or NLA-International, NLA-Dallas, Associate Member of CHC, NCSF and LA&M.

Mark is a former owner of the Dallas Eagle, ILSB-ICBB and South Plains.

Working out the kinks - pressure points

Master Bob

Master Bob is a former NLA-Dallas Co-Chair and current NCSF staff presenter. He is also a Texas Master Peace Officer, K-9 Handler, SWAT Operator along with numerous other certifications, including paramedic and fire service, and has more than 20 years’ experience in public safety.

In a series of classes on situational awareness, safety, and surviving active shootings, Master Bob's experience and training will benefit the Leather and LGBTQ community. These interactive classes will cover a variety of topics that will help you at events or in public.

Situational Awareness in the Community

Master Malik and slave cathy

As a student of life, leather, and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., founder of MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club

Slave Cathy is very active in the alternative lifestyle community, having leadership roles in local leather clubs and organizations. She is member of T.U.L.S.A. (a local Leather club), and MAsT-Tulsa.

She was privileged to serve as Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2006a and South Central Leather Woman 2010.

Together they strongly believe with passion about "acceptance", "tolerance" and "diversity" of our larger tribe.

Master Malik and slave Cathy are proud to serve as Southwest Master/slave 2008. They were co- founders of Xpressions (a play space in Tulsa, OK).

Thunder and Lightening of Whip Play - 201 and beyond
Music and Soul of Canes
Open Secrets of Long Term Master/slave Dynamics


MizLilly has been toddling around behind the alternate choice scenes since 1985. She is blessed to have the 26-year partnership of her Leather boy, Zap and be a member of the Leather family, FyreHold.

While a firm believer that “one should be so big to ride this ride”, she also realizes there is a place for learning. Facilitating educational opportunities has been a driving force in her life. With the help of many truly wonderful people, MizLilly has produced educational conferences such as: “The Exploratorium I & II”,“The BDSM Boot Camp”; “WyldFyre”, “Dark Fyre”, “Ren-Fyre” and others. She’s presented for Beyond Vanilla and South Plains Leatherfest, is a Mentor with the Austin Mentor’s Program, is founding (and emerita) President of the Austin Leather Corps, and owner of Touch of Leather and is a volunteer for many groups throughout Texas.

Room at the Table

Murphy Blue

Always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope, Murphy Blue has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. An “American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the “hows” of tying, but the frequently forgotten “whys”. The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be learned, and Murphy does his best to assist with that.

Mr. Blue is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a talented photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, experience different fetish environments and learn new skills. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue", sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time.

Following Your Rope Path
Let’s Talk Hogties
Rope and D/s

Ritz Kracker and girl kaos

Ritz Kracker has been active in the community since 2010, though his love of whips began well before that. Over 20 years later he has a successful business making whips and teaching whip cracking techniques. girl kaos has been apart of the community since 2011 and is the President of the Alamo City girls of Leather and is currently an aspirant with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: San Antonio. The two met in 2013 and have shared a dynamic for the last three years. They value education in the community and find joy in sharing their knowledge and experiences, and learning from others as they grow in their dynamic and relationship.

Boot Sex
Cold Branding

Señor Jaime

Señor Jaime is a musician, coach, writer, licensed mental health practitioner and lifelong learner with over 18 years of experience in flesh-and-blood SM and leather communities, over 30 years of Buddhist practice, and over 49 years of experience as a human being. He is a native of Austin, Texas and has presented and taught internationally on SM, M/s, and leather topics at a variety of conferences and private events.

A firm and joyful advocate for service to and empowerment of individuals, couples and community in their exploration of alternative sexuality and lifestyles, he has served as an officer and leader of various local groups and events. He currently runs a small community space, The WhatKnot, with his slave V, hosting monthly rope bondage peer meetings, and is the current charter holder for MAsT Austin. He is also a proud member of the Sankofa Leather Tribe.

The GET SPoT: Generative Erotic Trance for Sex-Positive Transformation
Bondage Badassery: Quick Ways to Level Up Your Rope Topping Skills

Sir Cougar

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Sir Cougar felt like he was home again when the gay leathermen of South Texas took him under their wings and began his indoctrination into leather culture.

Twenty-two years later, Sir Cougar has become an Owner of South Plains Leatherfest and enjoys the challenges of the "boots on the ground" process of producing a life changing event.

Sir Cougar is a proud member of Master Jim’s (International Master 2001) family and is happily married to slave marsha (International slave 2001). In his spare time, he enjoys riding his Harley, raising Monarchs, performing as a drag king and spoiling both his wife and the family's pets.

South Plains 101

slave jerri

“Wild at Heart”, fierce femme, tomboy, SAM with a crooked cracked halo balanced upon the tiniest of horns horns, and mischief maker extraordinaire, I am an owned slave! A proud member of Clan SnowDragon Leather family, Mama’s Family, producer of WILL Weekend, IMsL staff, and President of WILL.

I am very independent, yet simultaneously crave human “contact.” I have a service heart that would rather give than receive, I believe in fairness for all. I am intensely loyal with a strong dose of compassion and nurturing, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

My Leather journey contains many twists and turns, which has made me stronger, wiser and more forgiving. It also allowed me to become more aware of who I truly am, what I want and what I need to do with my life. I look forward to the rest of my Leather journey with a smile and open arms.

Becoming a "TARGET"


Stitch! is a playfully perverse queer leather fairy who enjoys sharp things, blood, laughter, and formal wear. She believes that play brings us closer to ourselves and others. Stitch! came into the scene in 2000 and never looked back. She's proud to be a longtime member of Bound by Desire and BLW.

Transforming Flesh and Blood
Heart Wide Open: Lessons from the Leather Fairies

Team Fluffy

Stormmy and his girl, Nichole, live a 24/7 M/s life.

They are members of Edgewalkers, which is a group that practices and facilitates body based rituals such as hook pulls, hook suspensions and fire walks. Stormmy is the President of the Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter a BDSM which ismotorcycle riding club based on the principles of a leather family and community service.

Together they are devoted to their family, friends and community. They are the producers of Renegades’ Rendezvous, a four- day BDSM/kinky campout. Education is important to them and they teach a wide variety of classes from technical to relationship to spiritual. A full listing of their classes can be found on their FetLife profiles.

Known for his edge play, Stormmy can often be found in a dungeon; knife, scalpel or barbwire flogger in hand. His motto is, “I give and give until it hurts”.

Stapling for Decoration and More
How to Beat a Bitch and not Break Her
Living on the Edge – Straight Razor Play


Zap is pleased to say that he is owned by MizLilly and is a member of FyreHold. He is proud to have served in the military and to be the father of two lovely young women. Open in the Texas Community since 2000, Zap is co-owner of Touch of Leather and he's well known for his love of electricity, flogging and the dance of word play before a scene- otherwise known as negotiation.

If you'd like to get to know him better, stop by the silent auction and visit with him while you peruse the wares... and the stuff on the tables too.