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South Plains Leatherfest

South Plains 2018 M/s Presenters


angel, a slave identified queer leathergirl, found the LA community in 1995 and now lives in No CA. angel hosts two munches and hosts kinky/educational events through Angel Wings Presents. She serves as President of SF girls of Leather, Treasurer for SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, co-chair for the Leather Alliance Weekend, producer of Mr. SF Leather and Bay Area Bootblack contests, and judges’ coordinator for Int’l Person of Leather. Honored to be named Woman of the Year 2014 by the Leather Alliance, angel has a long history of volunteering and holding positions with many organizations and events. As the 2013 Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) titleholder her travels led her to interview over 50 women and included travel to South Africa, documenting the first Ms. SA leather contest. The title’s purpose is to document women’s histories. She enjoys presenting, volunteering, meeting people, and sharing her passion for this lifestyle.

Survival skills for the single submissive/slave



slave beth is an educator and a member of the Dallas Leather community. She is honored to have been a Co-Director for NLA-Dallas’ annual social and educational conference, Beyond Vanilla, for 3 years. She was also member of the NLA Dallas Domestic Violence Education Committee that developed an education program for Domestic Violence call centers on how to help people who practice BDSM. She is a mentor and administrator for the Dallas sub Mentors Program, and the Training Manager for Team Friendly DFW, a volunteer organization whose mission it is to destigmatize HIV. She is also an active member of MAsT Dallas, the Trinity River Bears, and the Texas Council of Clubs. She is a tea aficionado, having mastered the second level of training towards becoming a Certified Tea Specialist. She loves her corgi-dog, and is proudly in service to Master Justin and the Knowlton Leather Household.

Blurred Lines: Consent in M/s and D/s Relationships


boy CJ

An active member of the lifestyle, boy CJ has been a service provider, presenter, contest judge, tally boy, event organizer, mentor, and group leader. CJ has been presenting on a variety of play, M/s relationship, and leather topics for over 17 years. He has presented across the country from Alaska to Florida, NYC to Portland. Boy CJ enjoys presenting at the large national events and loves teaching at small events and gatherings.

A bio female with masculine energy, he identifies as a tomboy/Leather boy. CJ currently lives in Washington DC with two Bears in his leather family. In addition to leather events, boy CJ enjoys agility work with his border collie, SCUBA diving, camping, and building things. Geeky and a nerd, boy CJ is a mental health professional, teacher, and is back in graduate school again. In service to Sir Cougar, he is proud to be Sir Cougar’s boy.

Two Bears and a Cougar: Building A Better Boy
My Spirit Animal Guide is the Cockroach


Lady Catherine

I am a Master Certified Coach. I am the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest, a board member of Leather Archives & Museum, and a founder of the Women’s Leather History Program.

I have presented at 600+ organizations. I was awarded Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2002, Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Service Award 2006, PoL Business of the Year award 2006, and Jack Stice Memorial Award 2016.

I created Servant's Retreat I & II, Invite The Muse, and Foundations in Mastery. I am known for life-changing weekend seminars. I love people and going deep with them is one of the great privileges of my life. Visit & Follow me on Tweeter @SuccessCoachMCC and @BDSMClasses

Independence & Interdependence

Prejudice, Identity and our future


Liza and her slave, Jody

Liza and her slave, Jody, (International Master and slave 2011) have been living in a committed M/s relationship for almost 15 years.

Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky since.  She is a member of Portland Bad Girls, San Francisco Exiles and MAsT, serving as an officer of MAsT International.  She has always been interested in teaching and training.  Among her pupils have been horses, dogs, dolphins, children and inmates.

Jody came out as a leatherdyke and slave in 1980 in Los Angeles, founding Leather and Lace, an early women's leather group.  She is a member of Portland Bad Girls, San Francisco Exiles and MAsT.

They have taught in the US and abroad, judged contests, organized events, keynoted and have received numerous awards, including MAST International's 2012 Presenter of the Year.

When the Sh*t Hits the Fan, Managing the Unmanageable
You've read The Marketplace and Have Your Fetlife Profile, Now What??


Lord Brick & slave lara

Lord Brick is a Master, Owner, facilitator, presenter and alternative lifestyle supporter. He is known for his high protocol household which includes slave lara for over 11 years, as well as other affiliated and participating members.

Lord Brick has been a member and avid attendee of many regional and national groups, events and gatherings, including a majority of the M/s regional conferences. He has presented throughout on M/s relationships, structures, morals and ideals, as well as a few BDSM topics. Brick has also emceed for numerous events, enjoys raising money as an auctioneer for community fundraisers and has held the Ritual Drumming Circle at MsC since its inception. Seeing the rewards of working with and giving back to the alternative lifestyle communities has added immensely to his journey.

Brick has been honored to be the Director of MAsT: Philadelphia (2007), a past MAsT Northeast Regional Representative, a co-producer for the M\s Extravaganza Events, a contributing member and presenter for the M/s Development Center, a contributor to the Mid-Atlantic Master’s Forum, as well as a founding board of director for the Leather Heart Foundation ( Currently, MAsT is his passion due to the ability to maintain a safe environment which allows others to grow, learn, share and advance within the M/s Lifestyle through discussion. He has sincerely enjoyed seeing MAsT: International thrive to the immense success that it is today.

slave lara

slave lara is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is owned and collared to Lord Brick and is a member of his household family. They have been in a Master/slave dynamic for over 11 years.

she is Assistant Director of MAsT: Philadelphia (since 2007), Officer/Secretary of the Board of Directors of MTTA, Inc. (since 2009), and is the Founder and Moderator of the national consortium entitled, Art of slavery (Aos) (since 2004), serves as Volunteer Coordinator for the Master/slave Conference, and as the Chairperson of the MAsT: International Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year Award. slave lara is also a co-producer for the M\s Extravaganza Events.

slave lara was the recipient of the 2008 1st slave Affirmation Award given from a circle of her peers; as well as, recipient of the 2014 slave bill Volunteer award.

slave lara is widely known for her ethical and principally driven viewpoints on transparency, communication, multi-member household’s, polyamory, diversity, service, mentoring, safety for new submissives, protocols, structure and rituals, and she is often seen as a Higher Protocol slave.

Poly Relationships, Families and Households


Master Bella & slave rooks

Master Bella is the 2016 SouthEast Master and has been actively involved in community leadership. Having co-founded and been involved with BDSM club management in the past, she helped form the first local Leather House and served on the board of House Je Te Vois in Slidell, Louisiana. Master Bella is also proud to be the Founder and President of HardPink Sisterhood, a support group for women in the Leather and BDSM Lifestyle. HardPink Sisterhood gives women the opportunity to not only support each other but also help women in the community. Efforts such as providing support to battered women's shelters, raising breast cancer awareness, and donating toys for children during the holidays are ongoing with chapters across the country.

slave rooks

slave rooks began his journey as a rubberist while completing his bioscience undergraduate study in Germany. He has been involved in BDSM leadership and education for the last eight years. He is proud to be the 2016 SouthEast slave and a passionate photojournalist for Leatherati. Photography has been a love and profession for slave rooks, having worked for local news shooting PAC-12 football and basketball. Currently, slave rooks works in cancer genetics, specializing in molecular research and diagnosis of acute leukemias. Chiefly, he is the lucky and loving slave of Master Bella.

Master bottom / slave top


Master Ben & slave naomi

Master Ben Martin has been in the Lifestyle for more than 20 years. His passions are authority-based relationships and education. He has presented on a wide variety of topics at various venues throughout the country, including the Master-slave Conference, Leather Leadership Conference, and Charm City Fetish Fair. He serves on the MTTA Board, the faculty of the MTTA Academy, and is the coordinated of the MTTA CommunityFest, raising funds for the educational activities of MTTA. Master Ben is a former Northeast Regional Representative for Master and slaves Together (MAsT) and is a member of several MAsT chapters. He is in a long-term, monogamous relationship with slave naomi.

slave naomi

Naomi is property of Master Ben Martin and is on a life-long journey with her Master and best friend. She is an active member of the M/s community. She is an alumnus of MTTA and now serves on staff for the Academy, assisting in weekend workshops for both Masters and slaves. Naomi is on staff for the Master/slave Conference (MsC) serving as the Vendor Coordinator, presenting, and ad hoc volunteering. Naomi serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for the MTTA CommunityFest and supporting Master Ben with organizing the event. She previously served one year as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Charm City Fetish Fair. She has presented on a variety of topics at the MsC, the M/s Gathering, Southeast Leather Fest, Charm City Fetish Fair, MAsT groups, and numerous other venues. Naomi is the host and leader of the DC slave circle and is an active member of MAsT Laurel - Women, DC Pan, Towson, and the ‘submissive S.C.E.N.E’.

Everything We know About Power Exchange We Learned Riding a Tandem Bike
Conflict Resolution in Power Exchange Relationships
Looking Under the Hood of Disobedience


Master Jim & slave marsha

Master Jim, International Master 2001, is a leatherman who has been involved in the SM/Leather community for over 20 years. During that time, he has presented seminars and weekend programs on Master/slave relationships across the U.S. and Canada. Master Jim is one of the owners of South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave weekend ( held in Dallas each year and is a co-owner of the International Master/slave title contest held at South Plains.

Although Master Jim is well versed in many SM tools and techniques, he is most interested in the dynamics of Master/slave relationships. For Master Jim, the psychological, emotional, and mental elements are the core – and the most fascinating part -- of these relationships.

Master Jim identifies sexually as a gay leatherman; however, he is comfortable being served by persons of any gender or sexual orientation. Currently, he is the owner of a biological female slave, slave marsha, who has been in service to him for over 20 years. Master Jim, slave marsha, and slave marsha’s mate, Cougar, live together as a leather family. Master Jim also has a Sir/ boy relationship with boy alex from Toronto and he has Keith as a man in service.

slave marsha

slave marsha, International slave 2001, has been honored to serve her Owner, Master Jim, for more than 20 years. During that time, she has traveled widely with Master Jim, sharing their journey as Master/slave in hundreds of classes and weekend experiences, as well as judging numerous leather title contests. Much of slave marsha's time in the community is spent planning and producing South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend as a co-owner of the event and contest.

Although slave marsha identifies as a Femme leatherdyke, she happily serves her gay leatherman Owner. Since 2005, Master Jim has also allowed her to share her heart with Sir Cougar, a Butch leatherdyke. For the past 11 years, the three of them have lived together (in the same house) as a leather family.

Recently, some slaves have started addressing slave marsha as "momma marsha," which she views as the greatest honor her fellow slaves and community could bestow. She also secretly hopes that being "Mother of Slaves" is something like being "Mother of Dragons" - but has a suspicion it's nothing like that at all.

The Journey: Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection


Master Obsidian & slave namaste

Master Obsidian has been involved in the BDSM community for over 3 decades. He has served in a Leadership capacity in the Field of Diversity for multi million dollar corporations, as well as committees and boards in the LGBTQ and Diverse business arena nation wide. A proud Leatherman, Evocative Keynote Speaker and Inspiring Orator - He has presented numerous classes on topics ranging from Fire and Pressure point play to Dominance to Spirituality. He has received accolades and recognition by the community including being a Pantheon of Leather Man of the year Nominee, 2010 Southwest Master, 2010 International Master, The 2012 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award, 2013 Jack Stice Memorial Award, and most recently the 2017 Jack McGeorge Award for Excellence in Education. An ordained minister for over 35 years, His deepest Passion is to inspire others to live their Truth and connect with their Spirit.

slave namaste

slave namaste has counseled women and taught about embracing submission for over 20 years. She brings this knowledge into her relationship living in submission and surrender to Master Obsidian for over a decade. Deeply Spiritual and an ordained Minister, Her writings on surrender, absolute slavery, and devotion as a spiritual practice have been featured on web sites and in books in both the mainstream and the lifestyle sectors. A Public Speaker, Published Author and Mentor, she was the 2010 Southwest slave and 2010 International slave as well as the recipient of the 2013 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart Award, the 2013 Jack Stice Memorial Award winner and most recently the 2017 Jack McGeorge Award for Excellence in Education

Practical Protocols and Ritual
Danger – Keep out !


Master Trent

Master Trent joined his first BDSM/Leather group in 1983. In 1998 he opened a "brick and mortar" BDSM Dungeon club in Denver that he ran until late 2003. He has been active in many clubs and organizations, including Thunder in the Mountains, NLA, MAsT, and Reclaiming Our Leather History. He has passionately been hosting and facilitating High Protocol and a variety of Master/slave classes and events since 1999.

After competing in the Southwest Leather Conference Master/slave contest in 2011, he and slave kelly founded the Colorado Master/slave contest in 2012, which now serves as a State feeder to SWLC. He has judged contests such as Mr. Leather Colorado, and is the Co-Owner and Executive Producer of Colorado Leather Fest.

Master Trent is a residential Realtor by profession. He is also a Fakir trained body piercer, enjoys good cigars, craft beer, and his two Basset Hounds.

Who Does The Dishes?


Ms. Rhonda & tomo

Ms Rhonda is the Owner and Master of tomo and together they are proud to be International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. She is a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave Contest and the Northwest Bootblack Contest. A part of the Northern California Leather Community for more years than she cares to mention, Ms Rhonda has presented classes and served as a judge at local, regional, and national events and was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend. She is Secretary of the Board of Directors of MAsT International, Inc. and the Owner and Founder of KinkED Productions (, which provides educational events for the Northern California Leather and M/s communities. She is a member of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, The Exiles, and Queer Leather Association Sacramento, and is proud to be a member of Mama’s family as Mama’s Femme Master.


tomo identifies as a butch leatherdyke and is honored to be the slave of Ms Rhonda. She serves with her Master as International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. tomo is a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave Contest and the Northwest Bootblack Contest. tomo has presented classes, served as a judge, keynote speaker, and emcee at local and national events for over two decades. She was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend and a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps. tomo is the Director of MAsT: Sacramento and a member of MAsT: San Francisco, Queer Leather Association Sacramento, and The Exiles. She was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award.

The Powerful Servant – From Two Perspectives


Officer Wes

Officer Wes has been presenting on a variety of fun kink topics for 25 years. His experiences and viewpoints have appeared in many publications including USA Today and The Advocate. He is credited as an influence in the books "Protocol Handbook for the Leather Slave" and "Master/slave Relations." His Web sites on sexuality, health and kink have been visited by over a quarter of a million people. He was an inaugural mentor for SAADE, a formal mentoring program for new dominants that instructs its apprentices not only in physical SM practices but on the mental, emotional and spiritual dynamics of BDSM as well. Officer Wes has an open leather family built around shared values of respect, honor, trust, and love. He has a slave and dogslave and is himself in service to a Daddy. Resources and information at

Helping A Slave Focus



Marianne Williamson said, “As we are liberated from our own fears our presence automatically liberates others.” As a self-identified queer, femme, slave proudly owned by Master Daddy Shade, I believe that owning my slave identity and engaging in a M/s dynamic has provided me the security and impetus to overcome my inner obstacles, live authentically, and contribute to something greater than myself. My curiosity about human behavior in conjunction with my training in mental health contributes to my passion for teaching in professional and kink settings about relationship dynamics, communication, shifting identity, gender and sexuality, and mental health. This year marks 10 years of active participation in the DFW Leather Community through serving the community, holding an international title, engaging in conversations and discussion panels to promote change, and traveling across the country to teach. It is an absolute honor to be teaching at South Plains Leather Festival.

Mental Mine Fields (Navigating Mental Illness in M/s Dynamics)


Sir DaddyDaun & slavegirl j

Sir DaddyDaun’s journey into leather began in the early 90’s when She followed Her interest in service. That led to Her becoming a “house boi” in a formal house. Since then, She has trained, taught, presented, and volunteered, has been a judge, mentor, den Daddy, tally Master, stage manager and board member for many events/venues. Sir DaddyDaun is honored to have received the Portland Leather Woman of the Year award in 2005, the Washington Leather Emerald Award in 2010, and to have been Prince XXXVIII of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court, and along with Her slavegirl j, 2016 Northwest Master and 2017 International Master. With Her slave j, Sir DaddyDaun teaches across the country and has been the keynote speaker at The Master/slave Gathering. When not presenting or relaxing with Her grandson, She can be found in Her semi being a professional ‘slave driver.’

slavegirl j

Being raised in the Leather community, 2017 International slave and 2016 Northwest slave, girl j has always felt a deep connection to service. she expresses this through her devotion to her Master, and serving as President of the HardPink Sisterhood, and by sharing her personal experiences with other submissives/slaves. girl j is also passionate about sharing how she navigates serving her Master who is both an elder of the community and has Multiple Sclerosis. she can frequently be found behind the scenes volunteering, serving her Master and the community. her personal goal is to show as many people of The Next Generation that longevity in a service or Power Exchange Dynamic is attainable and incredibly fulfilling. When not presenting or being volun-told for something, slavegirl j can be found traveling the lower 48 states in her Master’s semi truck, crocheting her days away with T/their dog Zach and T/their cat Spirit.

A Generation Apart
We Never Thought We Would Run for a Title but You Can Too


slave amendah

slave amendah is an autonomous slave, with a heart for service and a strong, bad-ass will. A native to Chicago, she was introduced to the Leather and kink community in 2011 where her first class was on torture and heavy impact...and she hasn't looked back since!

She engages in discussions of various taboo and uncomfortable topics; feels most comfortable providing support; and kneeling to those who have earned her trust and respect. She is director of MAsT of Buffalo Grove, and the Assistant Regional Representative to MAsT Great Lakes. She has been a Tally slave for GLLA 2016, Tally slave for the Illinois Leather Alliance in 2016 and 2017, as well as Judge's slave for the Michigan Great Lakes Contest in 2016. She holds the titles of Great Lakes slave 2015, and Illinois slave 2014 and 2015. She also holds a spot in her heart for one special female bootblack.

Can the willing be raped?


slave elizabeth

Since 2007 elizabeth has been first and foremost Master Todd’s slave and in his service functions as his minion, sidekick, and jester. She is honored to have served as the Southwest slave 2013. In 2012 she founded the Austin girls of Leather (AgoL) and serves as the club leader. She is Master’s level counselor who specializes in end of life and grief work. She advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights via presentations in both vanilla and kink settings and through her page Kinky Queer and Patenting on Facebook. She serves the larger Leather community through teaching locally and around the country and as a volunteer correspondent for More information about her Master’s household can be found at

Stealth Service: The Anticipatory Ninja



subHaven is a group of submissives, slaves, bottoms and switches of all experience levels and lifestyles who are dedicated to providing a place for those who identify on the right hand side of the slash to learn and grow in their journey. With a mission of support, education and community service, subHaven provides a place to ask questions and get support online through the FetLife group. In addition to the online presence the group provides monthly support Firesides (discussions), service opportunities and educational opportunities based on current needs expressed within the local DFW and Oklahoma City communities.

Round Table Discussion


South Plains 2018 SM/Leather Presenters


Briar is queer Leather Woman who is driven by service but will also happily steer that bus as she educates and shares her talents in the art of Bootblacking and Community Service. Briar’s journey has taken her from a quiet and shy thing to a proud force to be reckoned with that you see today. She is thrilled to have found the largest fraternity of shenanigan seekers in the Leather world – the BOOTBLACKS and that giggle emanating from the stands usually means she is up to no good…again!

Briar’s Rap Sheet Includes the following groups near and dear to her heart:

  • 2015 International Community Bootblack, representing ILSb/ICBB
  • 2015 South Central Community Bootblack
  • Former Team Friendly DFW – Director At Large (Women’s Initiatives)
  • NLA-D Treasurer
  • Beyond Vanilla Committee Member and Bootblack Coordinator
  • WILL - Bootblack Coordinator
  • SPLF - Bootblack Coordinator
  • DFW Bootlab Co-Founder
  • NLA-I Member
  • Judging and education

Bootblack Kit Turned Toy Bag

Hoss & Alice Toye

Hoss grew up wanting to be JR Ewing from "Dallas," but learned harness his powers for good(?) in BDSM. He has been in the Houston scene since 2002, and founded Team Dungeon in 2009 so he brings the party with him! He’s had scene leadership roles as director for SouthPlains LeatherFest (since 2008) and Beyond Vanilla (since 2010), and MaST Houston (2010-2013). He identifies as a Leather man, Dominant and Master, sadist and Metrosexual Redneck™.




Alice has been in the scene since 1999. She is passionate about giving back to the community via education. Alice has been presenting locally and regionally since 2003 on topics including negotiating, consent and various forms of psychosexual play including interrogation, humiliation, and objectification. With a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, Alice is able to reframe and examine scene dynamics through the lens of theory on creativity, problem solving, decision making, and personality to bring a unique class perspective. In 2017, Alice was proud to serve as the education director for Houston’s only public dungeon. Alice identifies as a heterosexual female bottom, and a woman both empowered to choose (and responsible for) her scene journey.

Beyond Villains and Victims: Perfecting Consent

Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for almost 30 years and has a huge passion for teaching and sharing community history.

Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs and had also served as a Leather Titleholder. He has held board positions and memberships on numerous, prominent local, regional and International organizations.

Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades.

He currently resides in Palm Springs where he is loving it “hot”.

Genital Play Piercings
Over the knee spankings

Master Ian

Ian can be described as a Leatherman, veteran, graphic artist, title holder, contest producer, activist, husband, and friend. He is proud member of the Charlotte Tradesmen, International Mr. Transgender Leather 2012/2013 and the owner/co-producer of Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL), a title that helps promote, archive and collect data to preserve Women’s Leather History. In 2016, Ian was honored to be selected Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year.

A member of the Charlotte Tradesmen, Ian can be found presenting workshops nationally or using his design skills to create graphics, websites, program books and multimedia presentations for various events and groups such as: South Plains Leatherfest, Charlotte Tradesmen, DESIRE, IMsL and WILL.

Shades of Gray: Gender is No Longer Black and White

Master J Rabbit

I have been a part of the kink community for around fifteen years. Started as a bottom / slave in 2003. I have been the President of GWNN (The Group with no Name) for about five years. I have organized many fund raising events for the community and taught classes on Impact play, Protocol, Breath Play, Chains and self discovery classes. I mentored for many years in the Austin Mentors Program. (Finding your Path was the class I taught most) I received my Masters cover in 2014 and am very active in the community in Central Texas. I lead one group (RacKiT club) in Austin as a safe place for folks to meet in a vanilla setting socially.

Chains and Choking
Two Tops and a bottom

Officer Wes

Officer Wes has been presenting on a variety of fun kink topics for 25 years. His experiences and viewpoints have appeared in many publications including USA Today and The Advocate. He is credited as an influence in the books "Protocol Handbook for the Leather Slave" and "Master/slave Relations." His Web sites on sexuality, health and kink have been visited by over a quarter of a million people. He was an inaugural mentor for SAADE, a formal mentoring program for new dominants that instructs its apprentices not only in physical SM practices but on the mental, emotional and spiritual dynamics of BDSM as well. Officer Wes has an open leather family built around shared values of respect, honor, trust, and love. He has a slave and dogslave and is himself in service to a Daddy. Resources and information at

High End Electrical

Ritz Kracker & girl kaos

Ritz Kracker has been active in the community since 2010, though his love of whips began well before that. Over 20 years later he has a successful business making whips and teaching whip cracking techniques. girl kaos has been a part of the community since 2011 and is the President of the Alamo City girls of Leather and is currently a Postulant with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, San Antonio Sisters Abbey of the Alamo Inc. The two met in 2013 and have shared a dynamic for the last four years. They value education in the community and find joy in sharing their knowledge and experiences, and learning from others as they grow in their dynamic and relationship.

Bondage: The Quick and the Painful
The Power of Touch: Playing with Your Hands

Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is an educator, writer, consulting and coach based in Chicago, IL. With over 19 years active in the BDSM & Leather communities, and 17 years educating kinky people all over the US (and overseas!), Sarah's focus is on creating classes that invite people to question assumptions, engage in conversation, and learn something new about themselves and their passions. On the personal side, Sarah identifies as a queer dyke dominant with a penchant for masculine energy, exceptional service, and exquisite reactions. She flags hunter green, red, black, purple, yellow, navy, and tan left, and navy right. You can find out more about her work at her website

Sticky Situations: Predicament Play

Sir Cougar

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Sir Cougar felt like he was home again when the gay leathermen of South Texas took him under their wings and began his indoctrination into leather culture.

Twenty-two years later, Sir Cougar has become an Owner of South Plains Leatherfest and enjoys the challenges of the "boots on the ground" process of producing a life changing event.

Sir Cougar is a proud member of Master Jim’s (International Master 2001) family and is happily married to slave marsha (International slave 2001). In his spare time, he enjoys riding his Harley, raising Monarchs, performing as a drag king and spoiling both his wife and the family's pets.

South Plains 101


Stitch! is a playfully perverse queer leather fairy who enjoys sharp things, blood, laughter, and formal wear. She believes that play brings us closer to ourselves and others. Stitch! came into the scene in 2000 and never looked back. She's proud to be a longtime member of Bound by Desire and BLW.

Stick 'Em with the Pointy End: The Fine Art of Piercing
Things Unsaid: Playing with Your Intuition

Stranglefucker (AKA Purg)

Stranglefucker (AKA Purg) has been active in the Houston kink community for the past 7 years, primarily helping lead the local TNG groups with an increasing focus on education the last couple of years. Has taught and demoed on a variety of subjects from scene etiquette to fire, blood and rough body.

Sadomasochistic Rough Body Play/"Play" Fighting


SweetSalt was introduced to the public BDSM scene in 2006 and found joy in some of the more “taboo” fetishes shortly after. While many of her interests may be frowned upon, she believes that she would rather be herself and be ridiculed than hide who she is and resent herself for it. She feels everyone should be able to express themselves and their kinks without fear of judgement and aims to reduce the stigma of extreme and unusual play by doing it openly and discussing it freely.

She is honored to present as Master Neko’s property and slave of Master Malik. SweetSalt, a queer, polyamorous switch, enjoys venturing into the dark corners of the mind to look under rocks and peek behind corners to form strong connections. With education on seldom discussed topics being a primary focus of hers, SweetSalt hopes to continue learning and sharing her knowledge with others.

What goes down must come up!


Tatu has been actively involved with rope and other kink play since around 1977 when he came across some Japanese and Damsel In Distress Bondage magazines in New Orleans while in graduate school. Rope has always been his first love. He came out to the visible community around 1993.

He has repeatedly traveled to Japan to learn face to face from the Japanese Masters such as the iconic Bakushi Arisue Go, Randa Mai, Benio Takara, Yukimura Haruki, Hourai Kasumi, Kazami Ranki & stage performer, Hajaime Kinoko.

He and his life partner, Sumi Fujiwara have traveled around North America teaching & performing well as London, Australia & Japan.

In his local community in South Florida, he was one of the founders of the 1st BDSM Educational group in 1996, known as SPICE. He started the Palm Beach Munch and taught local rope groups.

Sex Shibari Style
Nawa-aikido - Harmonious Energy with Rope

Team Fluffy

Stormmy and his girl, Nichole, live a 24/7 M/s life.

They are members of Edgewalkers, which is a group that practices and facilitates body based rituals such as hook pulls, hook suspensions and fire walks. Stormmy is the President of the Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter a BDSM which is a motorcycle riding club based on the principles of a leather family and community service.

Together they are devoted to their family, friends and community. They are the producers of Renegades’ Rendezvous, a four- day BDSM/kinky campout. Education is important to them and they teach a wide variety of classes from technical to relationship to spiritual. A full listing of their classes can be found on their FetLife profiles.

Known for his edge play, Stormmy can often be found in a dungeon; knife, scalpel or barbwire flogger in hand. His motto is, “I give and give until it hurts”.

Bitches Get Stiches
Plastic Surgery on a Budget
Humiliation and Mindfuckery

The Next Generation (TNG)

The primary purpose of TNG has and always will be to provide a space for the younger members of the community to talk and discuss SM with those who are in a similar period within their lives. It is age based because it is meant to serve the young, who have unique experiences and unique challenges as compared to those who are older. The secondary purpose of TNG is to establish a gateway into the larger scene. Experience has shown us that many young people enter the scene looking to find their peers. TNG is that space - to get them comfortable, to establish a network of friends and acquaintances, and eventually see them comfortable enough to explore the larger scene.

This description was written by boymeat, one of the four co-founders of TNG, in BDSM 101, February 15, 2015.

Building the Bridge to The Next Generation


tomo identifies as a butch leatherdyke and is honored to be the slave of Ms Rhonda. She serves with her Master as International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. tomo is a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave Contest and the Northwest Bootblack Contest. tomo has presented classes, served as a judge, keynote speaker, and emcee at local and national events for over two decades. She was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend and a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps. tomo is the Director of MAsT: Sacramento and a member of MAsT: San Francisco, Queer Leather Association Sacramento, and The Exiles. She was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award.

Takin' It